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Protection and maintenance of injection mold

Injection mold, as a very important production tool in injection molding factory, determines the shape, specification, size and appearance finish of products. The material of the die is steel, which is generally composed of the front die and the back die.

1. Mold protection

Because the mold has the characteristics of specificity, precision and vulnerability, it is very important to carry out the safety protection of the mold

(1) Anti rust: to prevent the injection mold from water leakage, condensation, rain, fingerprints, etc;

(2) Anti collision: to prevent the mould from being damaged due to the breakage of the thimble and the failure to fall back into place;

(3) Deburring: to prevent the mold burr caused by cloth wiping, material punching, hand wiping, nozzle tongs touching and knife touching;

(4) Missing parts: to prevent the mould from being damaged in the process of using due to the lack of pull rod, washer and other parts;

(5) Anti pressure: to prevent the mould from being crushed due to the mould locking due to the remaining products;

(6) Under voltage: to prevent the mold from damage caused by excessive low pressure protection pressure.

Among them, the high proportion of mold damage caused by the broken thimble, the failure to return the thimble in place, the residual products in the mold and the lack of auxiliary parts are relatively frequent. Therefore, more than 85% of the mold damage is caused by this reason, and the maintenance cost of the mold is generally high. Therefore, how to avoid this kind of situation is directly related to the interests of the injection molding industry.

In order to prevent the production delay caused by mold damage and high maintenance costs, but also in order to better save human resources, a company through continuous research and improvement, using machine vision technology to develop a product called "mold protector".

Mold monitor, or mold protector, also known as mold electronic eye, can effectively protect expensive molds. Some mold experts said that the injection mold protection system, installed on the injection molding machine, can directly check whether the product is qualified, and check whether there is residue before the mold is closed, so as to prevent mold clamping damage.

During the operation of the injection molding machine, the expensive mold may be damaged due to plastic residue or sliding block dislocation in each cycle. The mold protector can prevent these situations from happening, automatically prevent mold closing and alarm when abnormal occurs

2. Mold maintenance

(1) When disassembling the mold, avoid bumping and drenching, and move smoothly;

(2) Spray hot mold, and then spray a small amount of release agent;

(3) All aspects of the mold should be inspected, and antirust treatment should be carried out. The moisture and impurities in the cavity, core, ejection mechanism and row position should be wiped carefully, and the mold antirust agent and grease should be sprayed.

3. Mold maintenance

In the continuous working process of the mold, due to the wear of parts, deterioration of lubricant, water leakage and pressure damage of plastic materials, mold maintenance is required.

Mold maintenance is generally divided into daily maintenance and mold maintenance.

(1) The daily maintenance of mould generally includes the following aspects:

① Regular derusting (appearance, PL surface, mold cavity, core, etc.);

② Add lubricant again regularly (ejection mechanism, row position, etc.);

③ Replace easily worn parts (tie rod, bolt, etc.) regularly.

(2) The mold cavity and thimble should be tested and protected by professional maintenance personnel after the mold is removed.

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