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How to distinguish the quality of injection mold

1. It can be judged from material and design

The most important point of injection mold is material, so what kind of material is good? Of course, high hard disk, corrosion resistance, good polishing performance, can be used for mold quality for a long time. Mold design, including thimble and core; the size and position of the door, parting surface, vent and gate are reasonable, and then check whether the injection mold is opened or closed, and whether the product size is qualified.

2. Let's look at the mold making process

To distinguish the quality of plastic mold technology, the first thing is to see whether the size of injection products is qualified. Secondly, the appearance of injection molded parts should be clean, and there should be no burr on the joint surface, slide block and core. If the above points can be achieved, then this set of mold is qualified mold.

3. From the mold product quality to distinguish:

1. Stability and consistency of product size, surface finish and material utilization.

2. Service life: the working cycle or the number of parts that can be completed under the premise of ensuring product quality. 3. Whether the mold is easy to use and maintain, easy to demould, and the auxiliary production time is as short as possible; continuous maintenance cost, maintenance cycle, etc.

Knowing the following decisive factors, we can find ways to improve the quality of the mold. The basic method of mold design is the most important step to improve the quality of the mold. Many factors need to be considered, including the selection of mold material, the availability and reliability of the mold structure, the mold part machinability and mold maintenance convenience. More careful design should be considered.

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