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How to avoid peculiar smell in injection molding

Many processed injection molding products will produce peculiar smell in the process of processing, and users will feel uncomfortable. How to avoid this situation in the process of injection molding? Shanghai Kaifa plastic mold factory will serve you wholeheartedly.

1. Strictly control the use of additives

The use of tertiary amine catalyst to produce polyurethane foam usually produces very strong odor and moisture in car windows. We can find that polyols not only use polyols, but also consist of polyurethane molecular chains, but also have the same catalytic activity. Some polyols can replace half of tertiary amine catalysts, so the odor of injection products disappear.

2. Use more pure resin

Many plastics, especially PVC, styrene, ethyl acetate, acrylates and other residual trace monomers, can produce odors. Few monomer residues can be used to remove odor. The best choice is odorless resin.

3. Pay attention to the use of adsorbent

If a small amount of zeolite is added to the polymer, the information smell can be removed. Zeolite crystals have a lot of fuzziness, which can capture small molecules like gases.

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